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Information about my academic work in political science and recent activities.

Recent Posts

R workflow – tidyverse first

While working recently on some of my data projects and talking to colleagues I have realized, that my style of R programming has changed significantly. Now, ...

Active learning — teaching

This term, I am teaching four courses. During the seminars, I am realizing that I have fully moved into an active learning style of teaching. In class sessio...

Konstanz — one more term

Over the spring, I am staying for another term at the Department of Politics and Public Administration of the University of Konstanz. I teach seminars on “De...

Election Netherlands

This morning, I was surprised by the results of the election in the Netherlands. Two facts were particularly striking to me.

Bamberg programming course

This week, I taught a course at the 2017 ECPR Winter School University of Bamberg. Python Programming for Social Sciences: Collecting, Analyzing and Presenti...