Data projects


Parliaments and governments database, first version 2010 · Twitter · Github · Dataverse

“Mapping established democracies: Integrated data on parties, elections and cabinets” Electoral Studies, 2016, Vol. 44, 535–543 ·

Party Facts

An online platform about political parties, with Sven Regel (WZB Berlin), first version 2014 · Github · Dataverse

“Party Facts: A platform for collaborative data collection on political parties” (with Sven Regel) Party Politics, 2019, Vol. 25(2), 97–109. ·

College of Commissioners

Commissioners of the European Union, first version 2007

dataset · browse · Dataverse

Döring, Holger (2007): “The composition of the College of Commissioners: Patterns of delegation” European Union Politics, Vol. 8(2), 209–230 ·